Becka Viau / Josie Baker

Letter to the Editor – Freedom from sexual indoctrination

This opinion article was printed June 03 2011 in The Guardian Dear Editor, I am deeply troubled by the proposed PEI Family Party. Their policy on “Freedom from sexual indoctrination” in education compares lesbian and trans identity to pedophilia and bestiality. It also implies that these sex crimes are “normalize(ed), promot(ed) or propagate(ed)” in the … Continue reading

Becka Viau / Christian Ledwell / Pan Wendt

Would Island Artists Benefit From More Critical Writing, Including More Criticisms? – a conversation between Christian and Pan

Written by Christian Ledwell Prince Edward Island has a thriving arts community.  Unfortunately, much of the art that is released does not receive a substantial critical response.  I feel this is because reviewers are often not comfortable being negative when writing about art made on Prince Edward Island because they do not want to offend … Continue reading