Advocacy doesn’t get my work completed

*** Trailer: The Telling – a film by Millefiore Clarkes


Written by Becka Viau

It was a rainy yet incredibly warm fall night. I left the house in a bit of a rush, leaving most of my important belongings behind, including my note book and house keys, but I didn’t want to be late. Being on time is important, especially for the annual general meeting of a local artist driven co-op, where making quorum to move important changes and initiatives can be hard to achieve.

Upon arrival I was welcomed to the Island Media Co-op AGM by friendly faces and some nutritious veggie snacks. With just enough members present to reach quorum the meeting was called to order and business was addressed. Discussions around the Co-op’s vision, membership and grant programs were energetic, passionate even. However one topic grabbed my attention and is still holding strong in my mind today. Money. Money for artists to create, money granted to great ideas.

It is a reality that money is difficult for artists no matter where they are working in Canada, and as an artist on PEI I have no difficulty saying it is extremely hard to stay competitive at a national level considering the amount of funding distributed to our local organizations that serve the artistic community. In order to create work at a level that will be recognized nationally and internationally artists need to have access to the means necessary to complete their nationally competitive ideas.

This issue is a reality. We all know that money is difficult. However, a great online initiative was bought to small town’s attention by a local filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes.

Millefiore is in the post-production stage of her documentary The Telling, an ode to the stories of our time in Prince Edward Island. To achieve the financial support required to complete the Island film she is seeking sponsorship through, an online initiative to connect sponsors to great ideas. is an international initiative, encouraging support for great ideas from all over the world. On the website you can find great ideas from all types of people proposing projects from film to cause awareness campaigns and inventions.

There should be more government funding for artist organizations on PEI. I will conintue to advocate for this until there is change, however it is still extremely important to become members of local arts organizations, apply for provincial and local funding from these organizations and be active in the community (including attending annual general meetings on rainy fall nights.)

Still, I will be seeking sponsorship through the global indiegogo initiative, because advocacy doesn’t pay my supply bills or me for my working time as an artist.

To donate to the post production of The Telling by Millefiore Clarkes (every dollar counts) and watch the trailer go to: The Telling

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