Video by Mille Clarkes

Written By Erin Arsenault

This video, made by friend and filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes, is a sum up of a morning/afternoon of sewing in all it’s glories and small downfalls…that are overcome in the end and make the final result that much more satisfying.

The projects being made are from Stay-Stitched, a sewing workbook I created for those wanting to make their own clothing without using a pattern. Throughout the eleven patterns, my hope is that the user gains the skills and knowledge to start building their own clothing items and designing new and wonderfully simple things.

Participant Michelle Hooper has created the Retro dress, which looks more like a Roman Tunic in the end because of the style she has chosen to wear it. Participant Becka Viau made the Tote Bag, which, after a measuring mistake, becomes cleverly customized to suit her needs.

I couldn’t be happier with how this video turned out, all thanks to Millefiore’s incredible talents. Her work is honest and sincere but to the point.

Want to see more? I bet you do. Visit:

And for more information on my book, visit my blog! It’s at: . OR on Etsy! Thanks and enjoy!

1 thought on “Stay-Stitched

  1. This video is super fantastic!!!!

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