Communities that work together feel good!

ask the buffalo - Ben Allain, 2007- 2010 (oil and acrylic on wood board)

written by Becka Viau

this town is small is not the only group of its kind in the Maritimes! Although small town is structured as an artist-run centre it has a similar collaborative community approach to a group based out of New Brunswick called Based from a blog site the group organizes events and promotes emerging artists’ work of all genres. It is nice to know that Small Town is not alone and that other communities have benefited from a similar approach to community engagement and support for the arts. is gearing up for their 2nd annual Folly Fest, a celebration of local art, music, and community, set to happen at the Queen’s County Fairgrounds in beautiful Gagetown Village, NB, July 9th and 10th, 2010. Festivals are a great way to promote solidarity between various genres of artists, building community support for the arts and exporting local culture into the national realm.

Ben Allain, originally from Summerside PEI is an active member of the crew… and he is currently having a Christmas Bonanza sale of his playful and romantic artwork with 15% of all sales directly supporting the Folly Fest 2011. Art makes a great gift ( for christmas or anytime!), and it is nice to know that by supporting an Island Artist you are also supporting a great collaborative community event.  Check out the Sale info below!

The Great and Big Holiday Artwork Bonanza!

right through mid-January

Fifteen percent of sales will go toward Follyfest 2011‚ put on by the
fun fine folks at

Eighty-five percent of sales will go toward Benjamin’s second annual
The Great and Big Holiday Artwork Bonanza.

There are a hundred-and-some drawings and paintings and photographs‚
some dating from 2006 and made new. er.

No Interesting Offers Refused. Please send a message to inquire.

Thank you for sitting down and looking.

Happy December

(For details on the sale‚ please view the “description” portion of the
photo album’s main page.)

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