painter’s progress

Studio work table. - Stephen B. MacInnis - 2011

written by Stephen  B. MacInnis

The challenge for an artist is to get their work in front of the public. There are many ways to do this online, and lately the best method for me is a WordPress blog. I prefer the blog method over a website. I find a website very static, and as an artist with limited computer skills, and who is always working and producing new work, a blog is the perfect fit.

I’m a stay at home dad as well as an artist and my daughter is often in my studio with me. I enjoy her contribution to my work space, I let her do things such as telling me what colours to use, or she sometimes adds a drawing to an abstract piece I’m working on, and I will blog about stuff she does and says. She enjoys painting and drawing, and she enjoys talking about art. Lately, she has been talking about photography, so I gave her a camera and let her loose. I’ve been posting some of her photo essays, and they have proven popular.

I treat my blog as a studio diary. I show what I’m working on and discuss what I’m thinking about. It takes awhile to figure out what to blog about, and so lately I’ve been working on organizing my blog. On the weekends I will include content my daughter has provided. Wednesdays I do a list of ten random things I like. I also show the process of painting, and have been showing the steps to creating a painting from start to finish. I show the work I am doing, but I also like to show what is going on in the studio.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to promote my blog. I find Facebook and Twitter to be very effective. I also link to my blog from any other sites my work might be on, but I am still looking for different ways to reach a greater audience.

1 thought on “painter’s progress

  1. seems a bit slow but never loose heart..
    that what I learnt from..

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