film by milles clarkes

this is a mini doc produced by the confederation centre art gallery about Jinny Yu and Don Andrus: Cadenza.


Two well-known Canadian artists from different parts of the country have begun a dialogue on painting by creating two large murals for a new exhibit at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Jinny Yu and Don Andrus: Cadenza is a collaborative project by artists Don Andrus (a former professor in Art History at Concordia University Montréal, now based in PEI) and Jinny Yu (born in Korea, now teaching at the University of Ottawa).

The pair picked a starting point, an 18th century Venetian mural by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770). Cadenza is not an homage to Tiepolo or the history of painting. It is an inquiry into the nature of painting today and their respective studio practices.

They agreed on the scale of their works: both murals are the same size as the Tiepolo: 5 feet by 44 feet, and that their works will be installed facing each other. Yu did preparatory work during a Charlottetown residency, and completed her work while in residence in New York. Andrus visited Yu in New York and adjusted the colour of his work to resonate with hers.

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