The Passionate Artist

apples - monica lacey -

written by Jill MacCormack


Restless energy

can become reckless

if allowed full reign,

but Eros

informed by Sophia

can become

a most beautiful thing.


I’ve seen Eros

walk into a room

and become a creation,

Become created

in the energy of a cast glance

between two persons.

Tangible, obvious.


But have you considered the Eros of the artist informed by Sophia, or not?

Have you heard it as Logos?

In the spoken word; poetry, storytelling,

the use and sound of language that is alive.


And in the playing of music,

Have you heard it there? An energy, electrified.

What about in the shaping of a sculptor, firm and knowing,

or in the painting of a painter, brushstrokes enlivened,

or in the beauty of the natural world all around you, warm and energizing, light and life.


There is Eros guided and guiding.

Eros, that beautiful urge of the universe to become,

becoming manifest through you.


Spoken into existence.

You are Eros,

molded and shaped and woven

by sound

by colour

by texture

by form.

Eros informed by Sophia is sustainable.

Creativity is beauty electrified.

Use your beautiful energy wisely.

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