Two Hours Traffic -Becka Viau and Joey Seamen
Written by Becka Viau

We are rarely proud when we are alone. –Voltaire

2am. Thursday night and the winds are changing, cold, crisp, straight off the water. My cheeks are red, my feet are aching, but the music keeps pulling me from one venue to the next.

I catch my reflection in the dirty spring windows of downtown and wonder.  What am I doing? I should be resting. I could hear Hunters rocking, hoodies and hats bobbing in the windows. Ten bucks, a stamp on the wrist and two hours traffic was a recipe for love.

And that was it. I was feeling love, what an energy! I had actually been feeling this way for a couple of days. There are moments when communities come together, and I am convinced that the sharing of culture is a catalyst for that sort of unity. Welcome, this is who we are.

I am currently sitting at an Atlantic Showcase at Baba’s Lounge, the bar is buzzing and music is being played. There is so much happening this weekend. Shows all day on Saturday, all over town. Admission cost vary from free – thirty-five. Go and feel that love.

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