Design Revisited

bulk - overman 2011

written by Overman

In a previous post I spoke about the distinction between design and creation.  I mentioned that I would have trouble putting my brand on something that my hands did not create.

I think I may be forced to revise that statement.

I am currently supplying about 15 stores with my products, and should be at about 25 stores by the end of the summer.  Not to mention that I have been once again been accepted into the One of a Kind Christmas show in Toronto. (A topic I should have written a post about.)

I find myself very busy and I think in the coming months I may need someone willing to work very part time hours putting together some of my wholesale pieces.  This will free up some of my time so I can continue to work on my one of a kind and statement pieces.

So, I guess if you’re interested in working in a basement with a weirdo, send your resume to

Members of this town is small will be given priority.

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