Alan MacDonald / Alex Scott / Becka Viau / Betty-Jo McCarville / Bruce Nobbs / Catherine Ann / Cheryl Connell / Chloe Weale / Cindy Lapena / Don Heisz / Donnalee Downe / E.E. Nobbs / Fiona Papps / Gail Hodder / Heidi Waterman / Holly Mcgee / Hugh MacDonald / Jane Ledwell / Jo Jory / Johanna Van Waarden / John Dohe / John Mackenzie / Kele Redmond / Kirk Avery / Laura O'Brien / Lori Joy Smith / Marie Fox / Marion Copleston / Mark Sampson / Molly Scott / Nan Cole / Nils Ling / Norma Jean MacLean / Overman / P.John Burden / Pam Martin / Renee Laprise / Sandi Kowalik / Sean Wiebe / Shirley Limbert / Susan Buchanan / Susan Christensen / Suzanne O'Callaghan / Terry Stevenson / W.Brent Johnston / Yvette Doucette

Island Poems – digital catalogue now online!

design by Kirk Avery

written by Becka Viau

This town is small would like to congratulate all of the poets and artists that participated in the Island Poems: a collaborative art project! The show was a true success. It was amazing to see such diversity in subject and media, as well as the incredible amount of artists that participated!

This Project was our first collaboration with Peake Street Studios and the PEI Writers’ Guild and I have to say it was a very rewarding process.This town is small would like to thank Donnalee Downe from Peake Street and Yvette Doucette from the Writers’ Guild for all of their efforts in making this happen … including initiating the collaboration!

this town is small has put all of the poems and artworks up on the Island Poems page, in hopes that it will serve as a digital catalogue of the exhibition. Please visit the page and read the poems and view the artwork.

If you would like to see installation photographs of the exhibit please visit here.

If you would like to hear an interview from CBC Mainstreet about the exhibition please visit here.

I encourage the artists to send us an email with links to their web pages so we can link their work from this show to more information about them on the net.

Congratulations on an excellent show! We look forward


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