TTIS presents! Kite Hill – Early Show at Baba’s Lounge May 21 6pm!

recommended donation

written by Becka Viau

KITE HILL WILL BE PLAYING AN EARLY SHOW SATURDAY MAY 21st at 6PM – Baba’s Lounge – $5 (recommended donation) cover …. Local opening act TBA.

On Monday this week this town is small received an email from Ryan Carley, member of the acclaimed Canadian band Oh Bijou and founder of the band Kite Hill. He was directed to our web site by an unknown supporter of our innitiative (cool!) … Well Ryan was very keen to jump the straight, meet us small towners and share his love for community and creativity with this town!

Ryan Carley was part of a similar movement to this town is small in Guelf Ontario. They started a virtual artist space very similar to the small town approach, however their virtual space never materialized into a physical space …. they still talk about it every week even though the movement has slowed …. so it makes sense that when his band was traveling to the East coast on a spontaneous tour that they wanted to help support our cause.

SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS! SHARE THIS LINK! … see you for a glass of wine this Saturday evening! – City Nights will also be later that night!

Kite Hill is a drum, wind, and string troupe formed in January 2008, and currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They combine elements of baroque pop, instrumental and world music.

The band released a single, “Tom Thumbtack,” on the Friends in Bellwoods II compilation in August 2009. They are set to release their debut album, Rest & Run in spring 2011. Rest & Run is an exploration of potential and action that forms the first part of the series, “The Wild, Wild World of Wood, Wind and String.”

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