This is really happening -screen printing studio OPENS TODAY! 4pm

colour photograph by sam stewart 2010



written by Becka Viau

A space to work.

A space to play.

A space to learn.

A space to share.

A place to create.

How can one little space hold so much potential? It must be the vibration of history, and the energy of now.

this is really happening. June 25th 2011 A year and a half after ampersand closed, the small town print studio will open at the Guild.

Maybe not in the space of our dreams, but let us evolve, adapt and prosper…

this town is small and i am so very grateful to be part of it all.

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2 thoughts on “This is really happening -screen printing studio OPENS TODAY! 4pm

  1. It’s awesome Becka!!! So excited to see all of what you are able to do in with this little town! Bringing artist out of the woodwork and helping them build their careers!! Props on the new studio!!

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