Canadian Music Centre Atlantic Division’s Creative Hub Project

Canadian Music Centre Atlantic Division’s Creative Hub Project

This summer, the Atlantic Region of the Canadian Music Centre received funding to hire four students, one from each of the Atlantic provinces, to create a new online hub for all things contemporary classical music happening in the region. The site will work as a database for composers, performers, concert series, and venues from the Atlantic provinces where new Canadian music is being performed. The hub will also include an event calendar for easy access to performances venues and dates.

In order to provide a rich experience for all those who will be using the online hub, the more contemporary Canadian classical musicians that join this project, the better. This “Creative Hub” will provide a powerful point of reference for all those interested in new Canadian music. Those using the website will be presented with a robust new music experience while providing great exposure for participating Canadian artists.

The students are currently searching for everyone involved in New music to be included in this exciting project.

Jeff Arsenault, a student of UPEI, is the representative for PEI. If you are a musician involved with contemporary Canadian classical music, you can contact Jeff via email at or by phone at (902)566-0454. The website is still in the development phase but can be viewed online at:  

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