Art of Critique: workshop with Ray Cronin (AGNS)

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Heads up Islanders! This is going to be an incredible workshop. There has been much talk about the need/lack of critical reviews and feedback on the Island scene…for a look at a discussion that took place on this blog a little while back initiated by Christian Ledwell and Pan Wendt please click here, and follow the link below to find more information about this incredible workshop with Ray Cronin from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.


Thurs., Sept. 29, Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown:

Join Ray Cronin of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia for a practical, hands-on, interactive workshop on the art of critique. Writing critically, specifically in the areas of exhibition reviews, will be the focus of this workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to practice writing a critical review by exploring the exhibitions on view at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. This workshop will employ peer review and group discussion to facilitate learning. Participants will build their skills in writing critical reviews, and exploring description, content, and audience impact.

Presented by the PEI Writers’ Guild in partnership with the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Culture PEI, as part of the Pen & Inkling festival.

Registration and other information:

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