International Day of Peace

On August 27th, we at The Creativity Project had the wonderful privilege of taking part in Art in the Open.

We had many visitors to our “quiet tent” on Victoria Row that evening.

Silent receptivity was greatly evident thanks to the varied and wonderful response that visitors provided us with.

Today on The International Day of Peace we would like to share some thoughts with you from that night, and a wish for Peace inspired by the wonder it provided.

Wish for Peace

On this most glorious late summer day, which is also the International Day of Peace, I am writing to you with a wish for peace.

I wish for peace for all of you, for all of us, and for our world with all its brilliant beings.

I wish for peace for our air we breathe, for a reprieve from pollutants that dog it every day.

I wish for peace for the soil we tread, for wise and gentle hearts and hands to preserve the land which lends us food and beauty.

I wish for peace for the waters of our Earth, that they may be free from man-made contaminants, and revered for the life they offer us.

I wish for peace for our creatures, that they may be treated with loving respect, and granted the dignity they deserve.

I wish for courage for all to take a stand that speaks for life in all its varied and unspoken forms.

My wish for peace includes a great desire for respect: for all that we have to offer each other in our hearts, and for the courage to willingly share that openness.

I wish for the ability to be present to the silence within and open to that presence within others.

I wish for recognition for all. For everyone to be lovingly revered for the simple fact they exist.

I wish for all to have a sense of spaciousness in their lives surrounding issues or challenges they may face.

I wish for an elevation of awareness about the ways in which we are unsuspecting oppressors towards ourselves and others in our daily lives.

I wish for freedom from the ideas which control us and constrict our souls from a true experience of wonder and love.

I wish for voice for all who have had their voice taken away.

I wish for joy for those whose hearts are filled with hatred.

I wish for peace for those whose hearts are filled with fear.

I wish that we would look at ourselves and others with eyes of love.

I wish for all the experience of a heart soaring with delight at the hopeful possibility each moment offers us.

I wish for bravery for all to break the barriers that separate us from each other.

I wish for courage for all to remove those walls that tell us peace is not possible.

I wish to meet you all on the road that leads to peace between my heart and yours;

freed from judgments,

freed from competition,

freed from comparisons,

freed from the burdens of regret

freed from the need to be right,

freed from a sense of lack…Freed.

As we are emptied, so too shall we be filled;

Filled with a grateful heart, I will know you when we meet upon our journey.

I will feel the abundance that you carry within you.

Our footsteps will echo with receptivity despite the many miles that may lie between us.

Peace sweet world…begins within.

Much peace to you as you journey…The Creativity Project

Some words from our Art in the Open visitors:

“Peace begins with a smile! Smile at people you wouldn’t normally smile at. Do it for peace! ” MT

“Sleep sleep sleep-wake as though for the first time”

“Each day is a gift-Give yourself kindness- and then share it with each person you meet.” MG

“Bliss and peace will soon combine, and calm will grasp the concept of a mind.” ME

“The heat of the sun

Falls silently as a prayer

To end the summer.”  Spontaneous Haiku by A. Jendrick

“Embrace your inner thoughts, Silence can be inspiring, love thyself.” Danny

“Precious moments spill

From hand to greedy hand

Share wisely my friend.” A Haiku

“Do what you need to – don’t be stupid and over-react.” Marius age eleven

Peace and thank you,

The Creativity Project

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2 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. “Peace begins with a smile!” so true, I love that

  2. Peace is no more war, no more needless suffering, no more needless hunger, no more excessive wealth, no more excessive lack of wealth, no more corruption, no more bullying, no more needless dying, no more killing our earth and our oceans. Peace is a wide fuzzy line in which we can stand and say ‘this is good enough’ ‘we are here’ ‘this is, in reality, peace’ There may still be fights over jealousy, over pride, natural bumps in the road, the things that come with human nature on an individual basis, the things that help us realize the good and exercise our emotions. But when we are able to feel satisfaction of achieving our collective goals on a global level, it will be like sliding into home.

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