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written by Becka Viau

I am writing this in response to an article written by Mat Gleason for the Huffington Post titled: The Career Benefits of Boycotting Charity Art Auctions… while thinking about the affect of local art auctions and the non-profit art organization.

As a producer of visual culture I am often approached by community groups, charities, non-profits and random fundraisers to donate my Art work for auction. I have donated artwork in the past and will probably continue to support the causes I am passionate about through the auctioning of my art. Yet, I do think it is important to consider the appropriateness of arts organizations use of art auctions as a means for fundraising.

Is it appropriate for local arts organizations, like this town is small to ask artists to donate work to help fundraise the monies needed to provide programing? If so, how should this be done? Sure, all artists could use more money, but does an art auction actually help artists? What if the art auction bought the artwork for auction directly from the artists (for the market price) and then auctioned it for more? Or Is it fair to pay the artist a percentage of the winning bid – is 30% or 50% enough? Where is the line drawn?

I thought I would throw these questions out there since this town is small will be initiating some fundraising campaigns in the next few months. The question is, however, how should this be approached?

STRUTS teams up with the Beaver Brook Art Gallery for Sweetest Little Thing which combines an online auction with a live event. … for example


*** if you are interested in helping organize or volunteer at a small town fundraising event please email:

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