To the Summer Opening at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery!


Cartoon by Anne Deck – 2012

To be seen/experienced/awed are the artistic visions of no less than seven contemporary Canadian artists. On the concourse level, where we will gather at seven o’clock for a reception (we seem to have a theme going here), is Edward Burtynsky’s devastating photographic captures of altered natural landscapes and the consequences of industry.

The charming natural landscapes of Prince Edward Island are featured in aerial photography in a display curated by Alan MacEachern and Joshua MacFadyen.

Further along you will find young Montreal artist Magalie Comeau’s painted visions of futuristic 3 dimensional spaces in ‘Architactrices and Other Living Spaces’.

The joint exhibit titled ‘Crossing the Great Waters’, an exchange between PEI painter Joan Cullen’s colorful seascapes and Dominique Cruchet’s international black and white photography explores the aesthetic beauty and spiritual possibilities of our populous world.

Ruth Cuthand’s punchy ‘BACK TALK’ exhibit, showcasing her painting, drawing, bead work and video work from the past thirty years (!), engages political and social commentary on aboriginal experiences in Canada…it will definitely have you thinking deeply.

Finally, prepare to be awed and amazed by the magnificent Tower of Babylon! Sort of. Remodeled with crates, podiums, dusty books and other random items found in the Gallery’s bunker, this towering creation has been designed and constructed by Toronto artists in residence Christine Swintak and Don Miller over the past few weeks. A surprise performance by these two will happen during the opening, it is not to be missed.

There really is a wonderful variety of art work on display now, but if you tire of this, you could always divert to the fantastic company that will surround you. Of course, if this plan fails, you could hang around the painted photographs of absent entertaining figures in ‘Double Take: Portraits of Intriguing Canadians’. Portraits of David Suzuki, Thomas D’arcy McGee, Margaret Atwood and Ben Johnson are on display, although at this time their personalities may seem slightly…flat.

We would certainly love to see you here on Saturday, June 16th, hope you can make it!

-the Confederation Centre Art Gallery-

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