Open Studio Nights at the Bunker!

written by Anne Deck


Join us in the Schurman Family Studio on Tuesday nights to make art together! Whether you’re an established artist or you dabble in it, we welcome you to bring your supplies along for a few hours of social creativity.

Gail Hodder and B.J. McCarville were the volunteers that organized this evening event last summer, and with their help, Beth Arsenault and I will run the sessions so long as we have participants. So please come along!

I’m thrilled to have this occasion to gather artists together and encourage art making…in my life I don’t have nearly enough occasions to draw or paint. However, I was an organizer for a life drawing club at the University of Toronto for the past 2 years, and I hope that we can hold a few sessions like those this summer.

If you have questions or want to say hello, send me an e mail! You can reach me at<>
Hope to see you soon!
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