Popalopalots on stage at The Guild – Saturdays in August

written by Matt Bowness

Saturday night I attended the sold out opening night of the Popalopalots at The Guild.  This is the improv groups second year preforming the guild, and they can be seen every Saturday night throughout August at 9PM.

The group consists of veterans of the Charlottetown comedy scene, and former Sketch 22ers Rob MacDonald and Graham Putnam who are joined by Dylan Miller (in his second year with the Popalopalots) and newcomers Jordan Cameron, Cameron MacDonald, Ben Hartley and Justin Shaw.
The group preforms a series of improv ‘games’ on stage. These games provide a loose framework for them to build their comedy around.  Improv in general can be very hit and miss as far as funniness goes, but the Popalopalots have put together a strong set of games to work with. After soliciting some input from the audience the actors go to work making laughs.

Popalopalots – Graham Putnam, Dillan Miller, Rob MacDonald, Jordan Cameron, Cameron MacDonald, Ben Hartley and Justin Shaw

The Popalopalots have built a bit of a legend (at least online) surrounding their Mousetrap game. In the mousetrap game, two actors are blindfolded and 100+ live mousetraps are laid out on the stage. The blindfolded actors are given a scene and then forced to preform the scene amongst the live mousetraps in bare feet.  If you enjoy laughing at the pain and suffering of others (and who doesn’t?) then you will love the mousetrap game. The many other laughs from the many other scenes will just be an added bonus.

POPALOPALOTS on stage Opening Night August 4th

If opening night is any indication then these guys are putting on an amazing show every Saturday night in August and there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t see them. If you are into live comedy I can’t think of a better way to spend twelve bucks.

The Popalopalots hit the stage for the second time August 11th – and will be using some of the props created for the Pre-Concert Art Extravaganza which happens on Victoria Row from 2 – 7 pm earlier that day!

Be sure to follow this town is small on twitter (@thistownissmall ) for your chance to win tickets to the Popalopalots or Joel Plaskett – who hits the stage later that night as part of the Victoria Row Concert Series!

To book tickets to the Popalopalots please visit the BOX OFFICE at The Guild! 

Get your tickets to the Victoria Row Concert Series HERE!

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