Art in the Open – 2012 – THANK YOU!!

Art in the Open would like to acknowledge the many people, businesses and organizations whose efforts and contributions to the 2012 festival ensured it was a true success. With More attendance than 2011, Art in the Open is sure to grow and reach new heights in the years to come.

* If you are an artist that was involved  but don’t see your thank yous listed please send them to

Official Art in the Open 2012 Patrons:

Renaissance Patrons

City of Charlottetown
Confederation Centre of the Arts
this town is small inc.
Discover Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts


Island Fringe Festival

Island Media Arts Co-op

Raw Events

Avant Garde Patrons:

Confederation Court Mall

Modern Patrons:

The Toy Factory
Quality Inn and Suites
Downtown Charlottetown
Charlottetown Area Development Coorporation

Impressionist Patrons:

Maritime Electric
Metro Building Supplies
Murphy’s Pharmacies
The Green Man

Pop Art Patrons:

Steve Daley
Erin Arsenault
Renee Laprise
Pauline Howard
Becka Viau
Millefiore Clarkes
Megan Stewart
Hempen Heritage
Steering Committee:

Gerald Beaulieu, Visual Artist
Ann Carrière, Past Co- Coordinator
Jim Bruce – Island Media Arts Co-op
Gail Hodder, Visual Artist
Becka Viau, this town is small, inc.
Leonard MacPherson, this town is small inc.
Pan Wendt, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Kevin Rice, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Laura MacPherson, City of Charlottetown
Ron Atkinson, City of Charlottetown

Coordinating Committee:
Becka Viau, Project Coordinator – this town is small inc.
Pan Wendt,Curator – Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Anne Deck, Curatorial Intern – Confederation Centre Art Gallery

Independant Project Jury:

Jim Bruce – Island Media Arts Co-op
Becka Viau, this town is small, inc.
Leonard MacPherson, this town is small inc.
Pan Wendt, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Kevin Rice, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Laura MacPherson, City of Charlottetown
Renee Laprise – Visual Artist, Producer
Jamie Shannon – Producer, Writer, Actor, Visual Artist
Michelle Blanchard – Artist, Federation Cuturelle d’Isle du Prince Edouard

Graphic Design

Becka Viau, Deborah Vail


Mille Clarkes, Dominique Cruchet, Alana Sprague

Jenny Melanson, Ann Carrière, Monique Lafontaine

Volunteer Coordinator:

Scott Brown

Technical Support Crew:

Adam Gallant, Alexander Reuss, Ben Kinder, Mike Cochrane

Town Criers:

Dennis Trainor
Dan Roper

Special Thanks – On Behalf of the Coordinating Commitee

Alan Phelan, Sue Hendricken, Beth Hoar, Wayne Long, Nancy McMinn,Dean Worth and Jennifer Gavin at the City of Charlottetown

Phillip Brown at E.B. Brown’s Transport and Crane Service, Inc.

Michelle Hooper at The Guild

Mark Fisher and Alex Rice at Raw Events

Dave Skinner at Long and McQuade

The Quality Inn

Bell Alliant

The Buzz

The Confederation Players

Betty Jo McCarville, Katie Smith, Shane Coady, Karen Mair, Dan Viau, Kelly Caseley, Luke Leunes, Damien Worth, Jill McRae, Cory Roper, Tamara Gough, Cate Proctor, Matt Bowness, Richard MacLeod, Emma Russelll Louder, Katie Smith, Shane Coady, John MacKenzie, Allan Holmes, Debbie Muttart, Ann Carrière, Scott Brown, Erin Bateman, Fraser McCallum, Inspired Farmers, Mary MacKay, Kerry Campbell, Sarah Forrester-Wendt, Liza Wendt, Konrad Wendt, Kevin Jeffrey, Laura Forrester, Chris Lloyd, Mike McDonald, Hans Wendt, Angel McKann, Brad Deighan, Cheryl Isley,  Erick Silva. Krista Gormely, Pete Murphy, James Allan

Katie Smith, Anne Carriere, Cate Proctor, Steve Daley, Shane Coady, Adam St. Pierre, Tamara Gough, Teona Baetu, Emily O’Brien, Allison Loney, Sana Rehan, Erika Naemsch, Beata Naemsch,  Lisa Theriault, Danni Mac, Jenny Melanson, Paula Kenny, Kaitlin Chisolm, Emma Russell Lauder, Jenn White, Holly McGee, The Brown Family, Maggie Arsenault, Colin Buchanan, Liza Wendt, Bonnie Hayden, Anthony Welsh, Drew Heggie, Samantha Petri, Sandi Hartling, Allison Cooke, Elly Arsenault, Onos, Craig Meek, Donnie Killorn, Stephen MacLeod, Chelsie Boulter,Tiffany MacWilliams, Tatia, Rebecca Litvin, Amy Cooke, Kelly Coloris, Katie Statts, Andrew Leclaire, and anyone who’s name we missed. Thanks

Special Thanks From the Artists:

Nicole Balderston: Colin Buchanan, Shane Coady

Chris Llyod:

Mitchell Weibe: Sophia Erdahl for non-sign shrine engineering, Jill McRae for book-making help and Scott Brown for canoe assistance. And of course Anne Deck, Becka Viau and Pan Wendt for all their wondrous efforts to make Art in the Open a very special event.

Sarah Saunders: McGINN ENGINEERING INC., Donald J. McGinn, M.Sc., P. Eng, The Iceman Inc. Long Creek PE, E.B.Brown’s Transport and Crane Service Inc., Roy Johnstone

Michael McCormack: Lukas Steinman, Centre For Art Tapes, Nova Scotia Communities Culture and Heritage

Matt Bowness and Kelly Caseley: Megan Dorrell, Ashley Dunsford, Rebecca Ford, and Dan Roper, Becka Viau

Jeff Mcguigan: Alexis Bulman, Patrick Callbeck, Katherine McKenna, and Jill Stewart. Apart from those four, the whole AITO team, staff and volunteer, all the artist who were super nice, and gave great advice and feedback.

Damien Worth: Rilla Marshall. Mille Clarkes, Lindsay Reddin

Gail Hodder: Tatia, Alexander Reuss, volunteers during the event, like Allison Cooke, Lisa Theriault, etc, etc, etc.

Mauricio Aristizábal: My family and the logistics!!!!! and of course Becka Viau!!!!!!

Jill McCormack, Julie Love, Janice McGuigan, Janeen McGuigan, Rachel Hicken: Alist of people the Creativity Project wishes to thank for their creative and moral support:

Paul and Arlene McGuigan
Paul MacCormack
Norman Love
Keith Nicholson
Mel Gallant
Kailey and Jake Owen
Maria, Lucas and Clara MacCormack
Finn and Kristy and Lily McGuigan
Beth Toombs
Craig Meek
Adam St. Pierre
Jon and Jess Parent

and thanks as well to the general public who so delightfully took part in our interactive installation!

Sarah Wendt: Erick Silva, Cheryl Isley, Anne Deck,Liza Wendt, Konrad Wendt, Ben Kinder, Kevin Jeffrey, Sarah Forrester Wendt, Laura Forrester, Jill McRae, amazing drummer Shane, Chris Lloyd, Mike McDonald, Hans Wendt, Angel McKann

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