Island Artist- Damien Worth – Seeks images of structures

Island Artist- Damien Worth – Seeks images of structures


As a part of this year’s Art in the Open festival, visual artist Damien Worth is currently collecting images from the public for a media-based interactive art project. Based on the theme of structures, the images collected will be used to construct an immersive environment that acts as a collective portrait of Prince Edward Island.  The artist is imagining the project as a metaphorical community barn raising – only the community is the whole of the Island and the barn is a digital art project.

Although “structures” may seem like a straightforward theme, Worth hopes people will run with ideas in creative ways:  “I hope to gather a wide range of images from Islanders. I expect architectural constructions and landscape formations to be the bulk of what is submitted, but I am interested to see if and how people approach the theme of “structures” in more conceptual terms. Social structures, as well as economic, biological/molecular, and political structures are just a few other places people can go with the project.”  Worth is looking for inventive and unique perspectives on the theme, but will consider all images submitted.

The project is open to all Prince Edward Island locals and visitors during the summer months. The deadline for image submissions is August 1st. If you are interested in being a part of this collective portrait of Island structures, please submit one digital image (jpeg, psd, or tiff)  or 3D digital model (google sketchup) to or as a personal message to Damien Worth on Facebook.

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  1. see a previous project of mine that uses the same technology here:

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