Call for Performers – Sophie Farewell @ Art in the Open 2013 –


Artist collective Sophie Farewell is seeking four (4) performers for their upcoming presentation of “However you do it…consider the stars” at Art in the Open (August 24).

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Specific Requirements:

We are looking for individuals who are interested in taking part in a tightly structured, highly improvised durational performance. Performers will act as “town criers” that holler short scripts that have be written by audiences via text message. “Town criers” holler the messages from atop a 16 foot sculpture (the Mountain or the Moon) for two hours. Specific qualities a performer will have include: the ability to be loud; not afraid of heights; can maintain focus for the duration of the performance; and can take direction.

Performers must be available during the week of August 19th for a short rehearsal. Performances will take place throughout the evening of August 24th.

We can offer a modest honorarium.

If you are interested in participating please contact us at<>. Interviews/auditions will be held on Monday August 18th between 7 – 9 pm.  Location TBA. You do not need to prepare for the audition. The audition will be a simple improvisation. We will provide you short texts that will be cried out.

About the project:

However you do it… consider the stars brings together elements of craft, performance, and civic participation to create a durational performance and interactive installation. A project in art and social engagement, However you do it…consider the stars is composed of two disguised scissor-lifts, each wrapped in a forty foot handmade quilt and topped with a stage set resembling either the “moon” or the “mountain”. The Moon and The Mountain function as elevated platforms for live performances by trained actors in the guise of “town criers” who call out short scripts generated by the crowd below. By anonymously text messaging or handwriting a note to the town criers, participants of However you do it…consider the stars create the opportunity to have their social, political and/or personal messages hollered into the night air and to the assemblage of individuals on the street. However you do it… consider the stars seeks to create new social relationships by antagonizing civic discourse. (oh, and don’t worry we don’t allow hateful, sexist, or similar messages to be yelled out.)

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