Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho | Beauty like a sunflower

July 18 – August 302021

Receiver Coffee Co.
128 Richmond Street
Charlottetown, PE

this town is small and Receiver Coffee are pleased to present Beauty like a sunflower, a solo exhibition by Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho.

Beauty like a sunflower is an exhibition that showcases the beauty and strength in dark and brown skin, showing us in a positive and beautiful light. Beauty like a sunflower represents our skin in an unscripted way that we have yet to see in our community art shows and exhibitions, creating a unique viewing experience and shining a light on the stories of beauty and strength in all shades of our skin, especially as an under-represented community that is just starting to see BIPOC artists represented on the art exhibition scene.”

Robin Gessy Gislain Shumbusho is a photographer, aspiring filmmaker, and currently the Art Director at ZeroResistance Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative studio where he has directed multiple visual campaigns and exhibitions to success. Shumbusho is fascinated by the beauty of people who look like him, and looks to create a platform/space that binds purpose, God, and the beauty among people; Telling stories through stills and motion direction.

Venue Access:
Everyday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

COVID 19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS: For the latest protocols on visiting the space, visitors should consult updates made available from Receiver Coffee Co. and Health and Wellness PEI.

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