Bre Darlison, Emily Shaw, & Sarah Noonan | Crossing Paths

July 19 – September 6 2022

Receiver Coffee Co.
128 Richmond Street
Charlottetown, PE

this town is small and Receiver Coffee are pleased to present Crossing Paths, a group exhibition featuring works by Bre Darlison, Emily Shaw, & Sarah Noonan.

Crossing Paths features work from three recent fine arts graduates from Mount Allison University: Bre Darlison (2020), Emily Shaw (2021), and Sarah Noonan (2019). Bre Darlison’s Cleaning Out My Closet showcases a series of pieces that longed for life outside their studio. Emily Shaw’s work Food For Thought depicts a playful interpretation of her usual order from Receiver – a Swedish Breakfast plate with black coffee in the form of two rugs. Sarah Noonan’s Summer Sleeper is a series of artworks that represent the inertia of summer as a time to rest and wonder.

Bre Darlison is a non-binary queer interdisciplinary artist of settler ancestry occupying Epekwitk. Their practice focuses on relaying collected queer stories and experiences into displays of fantastical realities in order to absorb the underlying lessons of a persons life.

Emily Shaw is an artist, writer, and humorist from Stratford, Prince Edward Island. Her transdisciplinary arts practice is primarily conceptual, borrowing from improvisational methodologies such as suggestion, spontaneity, and performance.

Sarah Noonan is a young Canadian artist from Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island). Her artwork combines elements of the handmade with hand-sewn, mixed media sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Through indiscriminate uses of craft and textile materials, her dreamlike objects have an unrefined durability and softness to them. The ragged cuteness of her artwork is intended to show unusual depth and lightheartedness.

Venue Access:

SUNDAY – WEDNESDAY 7:00 am – 5:00 pm 

THURSDAY- SATURDAY 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Image: Swedish Plate by Emily Shaw, rug hooking.

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