This Town is Small and Upstreet Team Creating New Opportunities for artists 

New partnership will set precedent for future business and arts collaboration

JOIN UPSTREET and this town is small for the Launch of Black Tie Affair and Ashley Anne Clark’s new work “Beneath the Surface” on Thursday Nov 17th DETAILS HERE


CHECK OUT ASHLEY ANNE CLARK’S NEW WORK “Beneath the Surface” after dark at 161 Queen Street on the nights of November 18/19 and 25/26 AND again december 2nd jn the Courtyard at Beanz on Great George St. 

* Special thank yous to Chris Tweel / The Island Media Arts Cooperative / Confederation Centre Art Gallery / Beanz for assisting in the creation and public presentation of the artwork. (It takes a community!)

This Town is Small and Upstreet Craft Brewing have come together to help create opportunities for Island Artists. The non-profit arts organization has been representing the arts industry for nearly a decade and was recently approached by the brewery to help them manage future arts funding. “We are so happy to be working with Upstreet, this type of exhibition opportunity directly contributes to the professional success of Island artists.” says program director, Becka Viau. Viau hopes to create a standard for how businesses and artists work together, and possibly inspire others consider this avenue. 

Upstreet hopes to support local artists at every opportunity, whether it be to promote the release of a new beer or through initiatives supported with their Do-Good Fund. “We want to help strengthen the Island arts community in a way that is fair to the artists, and knew that Becka and her team would be invaluable in that process.” 

The collaboration has been titled Art+Craft, and their first jury-selected project has been awarded to Ashley Clark, who will be creating an original media art piece, titled “Beneath the Surface” inspired by the company’s Black Tie Affair, a beer that will be released later this month. “I am super excited for the opportunity to explore new media and collaborate with such great organizations. Taking on this project is pushing me to think big and expand my art practice here on the island.” says Clark.


Ashley Anne Clark with some of her previous work.


This Town Is Small Inc.
This town is small is an artist driven non profit dedicated to community education, career and artistic practice development and experimental programming in the contemporary arts.

Upstreet Craft Brewery
At Upstreet, we believe in community almost as much as we believe in making the best possible beer. Imagine a gathering place to come together with friends, to meet your neighbours and to celebrate camaraderie over a beer and a few laughs. Whether you’re having a beer in our brewery or on your front porch, you’re part of our community – where we celebrate the people, the places and the activities we love.

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