dial up and get down


A series of inter-provincial artists talks that are U-Streamed over the internet for all to experience. Every second month a Dial Up and Get Down event will be hosted at two east coast artist run centres or creative arts organizations.

4 artists (two from each location) will showcase their work, their process, or themselves in a 15 minute presentation. Questions will be asked and answered from each presenting location.

Audience members can experience the artist talks as live audience participants or in the comfort of their own home via the U-Stream connection.

The aim of this series is to encourage knowledge sharing between the atlantic provinces while expanding the reach and understanding of Atlantic artists, their work and the studio processes.

Would you like to present at an upcoming event? -Email this.town.is.small@gmail.com to register! * you must be a member of this town is small to present

Check out the past events:

#1 PEI / NFLD Februrary 2014 : Featuring Stephen B. MacInnis (PE) Luke Leunes (PE) Michael Waterman (NL) Kathy Oke (NL)

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