Millefiore Clarkes

Aganetha Dyck: Guest Workers – a mini doc by Milles Clarkes

— Aganetha Dyck: Guest Workers Centred around a display featuring a living beehive, Guest Workers features sculptural and 2-dimensional work based on collaboration between the artist and honeybees. This exhibition is on exhibit at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery until October 16 2011. Curated by Pan Wendt.Directed and shot by Millefiore Clarkes, 2011 Continue reading

Adam Gallant / Anna Karpinski / Becka Viau / Christian Ledwell / Kelly Caseley / Millefiore Clarkes / Overman / Pan Wendt

Something in the Water

On the 5th of February, 2011, photographer Anna Karpinski gathered the musicians of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada together for a historic photo shoot (ala. Art Kane’s 1958 photo ‘A Great Day in Harlem’.) This video installation by Millefiore Clarkes documents the occasion. This video, the photograph, and other related artworks were exhibited at the Confederation … Continue reading