TTIS is seeking nominations for our Board of Directors!

We are accepting nominations for TTIS’s Board of Directors!

Deadline: Sunday, February 13, 2022, at Midnight AST

Serving on the Board is an opportunity to contribute to contemporary arts on PEI and to be a part of a vibrant community. The Board of Directors are responsible for administrating the affairs of the organization, attending meetings, and other business as it arises. For more information on the Board of Directors and their responsibilities, please consult our By-Laws. Board members remain eligible to exhibit with TTIS as part of our programming.

In seeking Board nominations, we will be prioritizing nominees: who are practicing visual artists, have past involvement with this town is small, and have previous board experience. As well, TTIS believes that a diverse range of lived experiences are necessary to enrich our society and the arts. We encourage nominations from applicants who are women, Indigenous, members of visible minorities, LGBTQ2SIA+, and persons with disabilities.

To nominate yourself or another person to become a Board Member, please confirm your nomination by emailing “” with the subject line “2021 TTIS Board Nomination”.

Nominees should provide a brief bio (250 – 300 words). 

We have outlined below some of our current priorities in terms of the board’s makeup moving forward. Feel free to address any of these which you feel apply as well as anything else you would like the committee to consider.

Board Composition Priorities:

– As an artist-run centre, it is essential that a majority of our Board members are practicing artists, at an emerging or an established level. We value artistic excellence, inquiry, and/or experimentation that leads to artworks made from a diverse range of perspectives, mediums, and approaches. Are you currently a practicing artist and what is the nature of your work? If you are not an artist, what background/experience informs your interest in our organization?

– We are hoping to diversify the voices on our board to better reflect the community of which we are a part. Feel free to outline the identities you hold and identify with.

– We are seeking student or youth representation on the Board. Do you have experience working in this capacity?

– Have you been involved with this town is small programming initiatives in the past?  Which aspects of our organization interest you?

– We value having Board members who are multilingual; What languages do you speak and write fluently?

– Do you have previous, related Board experience?

– Is there anything we have not mentioned here that you would like the Nominating Committee to consider?

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