#1: PEI – NFLD


this town is small and the Island Media Arts Coop (PEI) teamed up with Eastern Edge (NL) to bring an evening of four artist talks (2 from PEI and 2 from NL) that were streamed over the wondrous internet! This is chance to see what other artists and creative makers are up to – establishing inter-provincial connections.

The Videos:

The Artists:

Stephen B. MacInnis (PE)

Photo: Stephen MacInnis - Artist's studio, PE

Stephen B. MacInnis lives and works in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, where he was born and raised.

A painter, for the past several years he has been working on a long-term project entitled Long Series, a series of over 1,300, 12×12 inch mixed media paintings. It is his plan to complete 10,000 paintings in this series.

The Long Series is primarily mixed media on paper. Each piece is constrained to roughly 12×12 inches. Within the series the exploration of drawing, painting, collage, and unusual materials such as tape, objects, and found papers are exploited. The use of accident, contrivance, simulation, and collaboration with other artists and the public have also been utilized. The project explores the effects of a long-term project on the development of a personal iconography. Certain marks such as cross-hatching, stains, ink rings, decoration, and scribbling are intentionally carried throughout the series. Because of the length of the project, when a new mark or idea occurs it is often developed into a series within the series and explored to completion and then moved on from.

Stephen works prolifically in an almost mass-production manner, with several hundred Long Series pieces in progress at any time. From pieces with early simple marks, to pieces heavily worked and nearing completion, the work piles up. Each day, Stephen selects one or two and finishes them. The progress of the Long Series has been recorded online in a studio diary called Painter’s Progress in which he records the daily activities and interests of a working artist.

Michael Waterman (NL)

Photo: Artist Michael Waterman performing
Photo: Artist Michael Waterman performing

Michael Waterman is a visual and audio artist whose work focuses on sound installation, improvisational performance, and radio art. His sound installations have been presented extensively in museums, galleries and festivals including exhibitions at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, the Art Gallery of Ottawa, and Post Gallery, Los Angeles.

Waterman is a founding member of the audio collage ensemble Männlicher Carcano who have been collaborating in various forms for over 25 years. Performance Highlights include Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg, The Museum of Jurassic Technology; Los Angeles, Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) and many sound art festivals across Canada and the USA.

In 1997, Waterman created the Männlicher Carcano Radio Hour at Trent Radio, Peterborough where he was artist-in-residence. Now in it’s fourteenth year and simulcast weekly on CHMR in St, John’s, CFRU in Guelph and on Trent Radio, the show links participants from across the continent via tele-conferencing and web streaming to perform weekly collaborative audio improvisations.

Waterman currently lives in St John’s, Newfoundland with his wife and daughter.

Luke Leunes (PE)

The artist, Luke Leunes
The artist, Luke Leunes

Luke Leunes works in a variety of medias. Paint, sculpture, ink, and sound. 2005 was his first vernissage. The subject was mainly study of birds. The show contained 100 paintings. He has done other shows since. Both as a solo and group art shows. Next up is a study of objects done in flesh and bone.

Kathy Oke (NL)

Kathy Oke, An Acquired Taste (2013). Digital image, dimensions variable.

Kathy Oke is an artist based in St. Philip’s, Newfoundland. She is a recent graduate of the Visual Arts Program at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, holding a BFA. With an interest in subjects ranging from the physics of light, to philosophy and body image, Oke experiments with light projection, digital media, paint and printmaking to explore her own queries about identity, beauty, art and tradition.

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