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Artwork by Sarah Saunders @ the Vitrine Gallery Fall 2014
Artwork by Sarah Saunders @ the Vitrine Gallery Fall 2014

The Vitrine Gallery was a window gallery in the heart of downtown Charlottetown. Located at the Holman Grand Hotel on Grafton Street, the gallery faces the COnfederation Centre and engages both pedestrian, hotel and Redwater Restaurant audiences. This gallery space is unique and challenges both artist and audience to think outside the box.

Artwork presented at the Vitrine Gallery was selected through a juried process  by a committee of creative industry professional working in Prince Edward Island.

this town is small inc. sincerely thanks The Holman Grand Hotel and its staff for loaning this gallery space to present local talent.

this town is small presented the following artists and their artwork at the Vitrine Gallery in the Summer / Fall of 2014:

Nancy Cole (PE)

Sarah Wendt (PE)

Sarah Saunders (PE)

Reece Steinberg (BC)


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