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Island Poems – digital catalogue now online!

written by Becka Viau This town is small would like to congratulate all of the poets and artists that participated in the Island Poems: a collaborative art project! The show was a true success. It was amazing to see such diversity in subject and media, as well as the incredible amount of artists that participated! … Continue reading

Gerald Beaulieu

Bodily Functions

Written by Gerald Beaulieu Much of my practice involves the exploration and utilization of new and unique material processes. As a sculptor it has become self evident that my practice leans towards an exploration of the physical world through this material handling, which informs my work and contributes to its inventiveness. Many of the materials … Continue reading

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small town sessions online

two take. a new session every wednesday watch them here “Small Town Sessions is a project aimed to celebrate the incredible artistic energy that is fostered by a small place, like Charlottetown. It isn’t always natural talent that creates wonderful artwork but the community and environment that nurtures it,” -Becka Viau for more info … Continue reading