The Creativity Project

untitled - colour photograph , Monica Lacey

written by Jill MacCormack

We are living in a world defined by our image of ourselves, and choices we make based on that image. That self image is in turn being defined by internal and external forces, both large and small.

The Creativity Project
hopes to be an external initiating force towards reconciliation of the internal and external, between the self and the society it creates.

We live in an age that demands urgent, creative, and compassionate attention to the suffering of the world. The suffering can be viewed as imponderably great and binding in the manner of its complexity and reach, but also as grounds from which new ways of understanding and responding can emerge.

In short, The Creativity Project hopes to elevate awareness, and provide an impetus for change.

Cacophony of Silence


There is a silence present now

so like death it takes my breath away.

A force so large, so deafening it quells

the brightness of the world.


It has no face or name or voice for none

it needs; it thrives on the life force of

the faceless, the nameless, the voiceless,

and the vice of those with plenty.


It will try to sell you beauty, joy, freedom

and security. Its sales pitch is image, youthfulness

and vitality without end.


With policies of mass production, a frantic pace,

confusion and alienation it’s insidious ways are

coordinated, tabulated, regulated: highly orchestrated.


It’s only end is money; power and control, and its only means, destruction:

destruction of land, sea, air, body, soul and culture. Death- deafening death.

What are you being sold…and at what cost?



Be heard above the loudness of the silence:

Get to know your natural environment

Dream, imagine, hope, and believe new ways of being

Seek alternatives

Be open to beauty

Be open to wonder

Turn away from fear and move in the direction of LOVE

Practice mindfulness

Be gentle with yourself and kind to others

Take time to be quiet

Respect different ways of being

Learn to value concepts of simplicity: lagom, wabi sabi

Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness

Learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions

Buy locally more often

Buy plastic less often

Don’t buy into images

Appreciate local arts and culture

Express your creativity

Talk to your neighbours

Practice community mindedness

Acknowledge the impermanence of all things

Be patient and tolerant in the process of change


As artists we are called to use our creativity as a means of holding up to the light the hurt and fear of the world, so that we can penetrate those walls that silence has created: apathy, disillusionment, disempowerment, destruction, dis-ease. In doing so, we are redefining our confusion and pain, our fear and separation into something hopeful. We become the portal through which newness can emerge…. Softened and pliable once again, our society and culture can be re-created, sustainably, for the future, for the better.

This idea is a work in progress and by no means do I want to claim it as my own

By adding your voice the “Cacophony of Silence” will become less deafening. Please feel free to add your ideas, be it a rant or a hopeful image/ words.

Please respond.

Thank you,

The Creativity Project

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6 thoughts on “The Creativity Project

  1. Katelyn Corbett June 6, 2011 — 7:10 pm

    Make the journey your goal.

    1. The Creativity Project June 8, 2011 — 12:50 pm

      Hi Katelyn,
      Thanks for your contribution to The Creativity Project.
      So many of us struggle and trundle through life not realizing that the journey is really it for us. The journey is that wondrous space we live in within the constructs of time and place and identity, and BEYOND those constructs as well. The choices we make everyday on our journey do create our reality. These choices can be made blindly or with our eyes and hearts wide open to the wonder. Awareness is the tool of power. Without that tool in hand we are powerless in the face of much. Choice based on awareness enables us to see a clear vision for ourselves and our world.
      The Creativity Project hopes to engage others on their journey, and remind us of the power we wield in shaping the world we live in and out of as we journey… together.
      “The journey is the goal” and awareness is a beautiful step in that direction.
      Happy journey-ing…thanks for the connection.
      The Creativity Project

  2. Are you working on something for the Summer 2012? I’d like to connect with you, a web site?

    1. The Creativity Project January 5, 2012 — 4:10 pm

      Hi Rachel,

      There is no website as of yet. Please feel free to contact me through email at
      I have been thinking of creating something for Earth Day… and am very open in general. I would love to talk further with you.

      Jill per The Creativity Project

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I also have a poem that might playfully lend itself to some neat footage around Charlottetown…
      it’s a spoken word poem that could be really fun…just a thought… Jill

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