Culture Matters – VOTE

Written By Mille Clarkes

VOTE. EVERYTHING MATTERS! can be found online

All Canadians with a camera, a cellphone, or even a laptop are challenged to come out and make a video showing what matters to them! These videos will contribute to the VOTE.EVERYTHING MATTERS! website to spur a moment across Canada and the world to get citizens engaged in their democracies, and to showcase to our MPs a…nd our Prime Minister what matters to us!!

Any and all musicians are encouraged to come out, support this rally, and lend your voice, and your talents to our sing-along for democracy!

This rally is an opportunity for Canadian citizens, young and old, to come out to engage in our democracy through speeches, songs, and activities.

It will be a chance to meet others concerned for our democracy as well as to hear about issues & values that are critical to the happiness, prosperity, sustainability, and equity of people across Canada from rural communities, urban areas, and greater cities.

This rally will feature a number of guest speakers and musicians talking and singing about issues ranging from Arts and Culture to Environment to how individuals can make a difference in our national policies.

We will get to hear from citizens like Conor Leggott, a UPEI student and one of Canada’s concerned youth, Teresa Doyle, acclaimed musician and advocate for the Arts, as well as others speakers. Todd Maclean, PEI musician of the year, will be assembling musicians from all over the eastern coast of Canada to perform and to help lead the rally in a sing-a-long.

The rally will also feature a new spoken word piece from Island performer Tanya Davis, a video challenge for all citizens to make their voices heard, as well as a chance to get out and meet local community groups, politicians, and other enthusiastic citizens!

VOTE. EVERYTHING MATTERS! started with a meeting over some home-made bread, a great discussion, and an enthusiasm for our future. We hope to create a national campaign to show our parliament and our Prime Minister that these issues do matter to Canadians and that we need all of our voices and involvement to make Canadian democracy function for all Canadians.

We hope to see everyone out to show their support for our communities, our provinces, our country, and most of all our power and role in our democratic process.

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